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Circular Saw Recommendations !!!

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Hey all, I am searching for a circular and pretty unsure of which to purchase. It would not be used too often, just for DIY around the house and woodworking projects. Likely to cut plywood, 2x material, etc. My budget is $150 and under. 
It's here my interested: Circular saw  I have not lotted of experience about the circular saw. That's why I can't find out which is the best. 
Any suggestions on a good reliable and safe easy to use model? Is a brake recommended?

With less expensive saws, one (post #216281, reply #1 of 7)

With less expensive saws, one thing to check is how flat the baseplate is and how stable it is.  You  can get a rough check of thiis by adjusting the blade all the way up, then setting the saw on a flat surface and shaking it.

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$150? rock on... (post #216281, reply #2 of 7)

For $150 you can get a great saw assuming you mean a sidewinder.

But there is no such thing as a safe circ saw.  You have to always be mindful and follow the basic safety rules. Once upon a time the cheaper saws were a bit more dangerous due to unreliable blade guards [as were some of the pro models] but that seems to be fairly rare today. One will chew you up in a flash, ask my left middle and index fingers where they got those scars but only if you want the long version. Glad to say they are still full length.

It sounds like you don't need a real pro saw tho I cringe at the thought of less. I doubt you'll ever wear one out, even a mid range model. You might spend $50 for a lesser grade but you might be able to buy a recon pro grade for $100. I've used the   current low end skilsaw models and they will do the job but just feel awfully cheesy. I've also used ryobi and hitachi low end ones I like better. If I had to blindly pick from those brands I'd go Hitachi, they seem to offer the most for the money on their lower end stuff. I would not bother with any HF or other similar brands.

If you were well experienced you might  look at used saws, that's where the bargains can be but buyer beware.  If you were wanting a first line sidewinder the recommend would be Milwaukee 6390, the last one I bought as a recon for $100, expect you could find one new for $150 with some homework. Also probably you could buy a very decent Bosch or Makita for $100-125, new.


I’ve god an old craftsman (post #216281, reply #3 of 7)

I’ve god an old craftsman saw that served me well for many years. I splurged on a fancy red Milwaukee saw a while ago and have not regretted it. Whatever you choose, be sure to have a great blade. 

Circular Saw (post #216281, reply #4 of 7)

Just as a suggestion and not knowing what is in your tool arsenal.  Maybe consider getting a good jig saw instead of a circular saw.  I bought a good jig saw and have used it to cut all the materials that you mention.  It may not cut as fast as the circular saw but I have better control and better accuracy.  Also, there are a lot more jobs that you will be able to do with a jig saw.  Plus I think the jig saw is safer to use than a circular saw.

A jig saw and a circular saw (post #216281, reply #5 of 7)

A jig saw and a circular saw are two very different tools. You need both, not one or the other. I have a makita skilsaw- it wasnt terribly expensive when I bought it 20 years ago, but man that thing just wont die.

I second the remark about good baldes- very important as well as choosing the right blade for the job (different ones for rough and finish work/ plywood etc)

If you won't be doing a lot (post #216281, reply #6 of 7)

If you won't be doing a lot of cutting, just occasional use here and there, then I suggest you buy a cordless circular saw, it's super convenient and they should come standard with an electric brake and brushless motor. Carrying a cord around is no fun.

During sale event you can definitely get a baretool for less than $150, here in Canada the Dewalt DCS570B is on sale now as I'm writing this for only $99 at Calgary Fastner, sadly I already bought mine for $190 this summer.

Not sure about Miliwaukee, a free battery event would be nice for thier 18V red lithium. Personally I like the Dewalt because it's quieter (I tried the Miliwaukee during a tent event), the 20V version has ample power with a 5Amp battery which goes on sale for $60 or you can get it as a free bonus. Flex volt would probably be over kill.

More spam. (post #216281, reply #7 of 7)

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