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Clamping Jig for installing cabinets

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A colleague was telling me about a jig for fastening cabinets together he saw on one of the building "TV" shows. It would align the faces and you could drill and install the fastener without removing it. Anybody seen or use one and if so was it any good?
Phil in Maryland.
PS, I'm new to this!

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I think its made by Jorgenson. Tool Crib sells them.

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Made by "Pony" called "cabinet claw" cost $50 for 2. I've had them for a year or so, and they are the greatest. Tool Crib has them.

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Ditto on the cab. claws, had 'em for a couple yars and sure beats using straight clamps. You're supposed to be able to drill, countersink, and drive your screws with the clamp in place. I actually had a hard time finding a countersink bit that would clear this jig- finally got one, made by Wolfcraft.

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Thanks for the input, I'm going to go rooting for my tool crib cat.


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I have used the cabinet claws since they first came out, several years at least.

I use them with a 2-3/8" self drilling oval or washer head cabinet screw.

They are very handy.

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Keith yea your right pony makes 'em.

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Thanks for the info!