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Custom Tool Belts?

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I have now gotten to the point where I have a pretty difinitive system in terms of how I work. I have gone through a lot of trouble to refine the way that I do things to make the whole system as efficient as possible, but the most obvious and used piece of gear is the one that doesn't do what I need it to do . . . my tool belt. I was wondering if anyone out there feels the same way, and if so if they have found anyone to slove this problem for them. I am looking to get a tool belt custom made, or find a company that has some diverse options. Any suggestions?





The old military web belts (post #195366, reply #1 of 10)

The old military web belts come to mind as a starting point.

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make your own (post #195366, reply #2 of 10)  

occidental tool belts are (post #195366, reply #3 of 10)

occidental tool belts are very good systems . i know of many carpenters who i work with that have one system or another including myself. check website



tool belts (post #195366, reply #4 of 10)

diamond back tool belts have some nice models I've been useing the same one since 2001.

The older I get... (post #195366, reply #5 of 10)

The older I get, the less I like tool belts.  I've gone from heavy bags around waste to Vest jobs and now I'm up to Cloth bags with two pockets and a hammer loop.  I'm seriously looking at Bibs with hammer loop. (nails go in the pockets). 

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Vests (post #195366, reply #6 of 10)

Duluth Trading and Skillers used to sell vest systems I like. 

Mostly becuse it keeps the wieght on my shoulders.  But, since my guys and I do primarily maintenance, and it's easy to change which inserts you have in the pockets of the vest, it's easy to load out the tools and supplies we need for various jobs. 

We have racks in the bins on the utility beds, that hang the various pocket inserts by trade: i.e. electrical, plumbing, roofing; and can change what we take from the truck prettty quickly depending on what we are working on. 

If I were going to have custom pouches made for a belt, I'd do something similar, and look for the insert for the Duluth Trading / Skillers system on ebay. 

I just overheard a (post #195366, reply #7 of 10)

I just overheard a conversation on this topic between a Union Rigger and Union Electrician.  Both used to have decked out tool belts when they were young... now they are strictly bag and bucket people.

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A well made electricians (post #195366, reply #8 of 10)

A well made electricians belt. I came across one at Big Lots of all places on clearance for $40. A Micguire-Nichols no less. My hand tools on the right with lots of dividers because I hate digging for my handtools. I always have a cats-paw, chisel, utility knife, and of course, tape measure,hammer, chaulk, and pencil. That leaves the left bag for fasteners and I tuck the square into the velcro portion of the belt. Some jobs require even more specialized tools which with the electricians rig, you can always find room for. One of these days I'm going to spring for an Occidental rig, I actually got to touch one at the lumberyard near my dad's house recently, there is just so much I can do with the $200 that belt costs.

x2 on the occidental tool (post #195366, reply #9 of 10)

x2 on the occidental tool belts. Very versatile with many different options to choose from, great people to deal with. 

Occidental (post #195366, reply #10 of 10)

Spend the money on your basic belt, framer / finisher and then add to it as needed. Elecritcal, drywall, etc. pouches as the job varies. I have two sizes of belts, one for summer and one for winter to go over coveralls. Get the suspenders to put the weight on your shoulders. You use your tool belt more than any other tool in your truck / van.