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Dewalt cordless chuck

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Okay a couple weeks ago I asked how to free up a maxed out keyless chuck.Im over the monkey wrench and channelocks now..I want a new chuck.I know the screw is reverse threaded but how do I proceed from there,..which part of the chuck should i hold,the metal...the plastic?

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ken before you do anything look inside the chuck and remove the screw that is more than likely inside. Then tighten the jaws onto a 1/4 " allen wrench and rap the allen wrench Sharply the correct direction and remove
hope this helps Joe

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Thanks for the info but the problem is I cant get the chuck to close so there goes the allen wrench deal.Suggestions?

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Ken...GO to Dewalt repair shop...They are all across the country....If you buy the new chuck there, they would help you I would think...They may even do more.

near the stream,


The chuck is thread on with regular right hand threads...the inside chuck fastener is reverse threaded like a propane tank connection. Take out inside fastener, then put monkey wrench on bad chuck or vise grips, and whack the handle with a hammer to impact shock break it loose to turn.

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Thanks guys!Just trying to save a 80 mile round trip, then another to pick it up. Nothing is close here in the mts. of WV.