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Dremel Multimax problem

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I just got the most recent Dremel Multimax. It has the washer on the screw that is sposed to keep the screw on.

Well it doesent work. I am thinking about taking it back to Lowes.

If you use the saw blade on it for more than 30sec the screw will loosen and the blade will fall off.

I have made sure the screw is on tight.

Anyone know if any other company is going to make a multi master like tool? like Makita, milwaukee or Dewalt? The Fein is just to expensive and I dont want the HF model.


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The washer has a slight dimple to it.  It has to be dome side up when placing the screw on it and tightening it with the allen wrench as to flatten against the blade.  Once I didn't do that and it came off within a minute like you describe.  Then I read the directions and found out about the dimple.  It is almost imperceptible.

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........ "If all else fails, read the directions"........LOL

"If all else fails, read the directions"

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Bosch (battery operated) and Rockwell also make them.

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Ok, so I put a drop of Loctite on the threads and it seems to work much better. I did have the washer installed corectly.

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Superglue gel works just as well, and is cheaper.

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I tried it out and it did the same thing. I cranked it down pretty well and it worked fine after that. Don't just snug it, crank it down pretty well.