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electric motor for Dewalt

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Hey everyone!

I can not choose the right motor for my DeWalt table saw. This model DWE7491RS. Are there any reliable brands? The budget is $200.

The technical characteristics I am looking for:

Single HP  /  1725 RPM  / TEFC preferred  / 56C frame size


Put a 1/2 size pulley on it (post #212169, reply #1 of 5)

Put a 1/2 size pulley on it and get a HF 3450 rpm 15 A 240V  motor for $100,  56 frame.  HF calls it 5 HP but really is just 3 HP.

I have one on my TS, and a few other places also, never any problems, one is 12 years old. 


However, appears your DW is only a 120 Vac model, at 15 A that is only 1-1/2 HP or so.  Might have to go to ebay,


who fixes anything any more! (post #212169, reply #2 of 5)

who fixes anything any more! why waste your time...just replace it.











JUST KIDDING hound, dont freak out!

well, I can buy motor with (post #212169, reply #3 of 5)

well, I can buy motor with these specifications

Is it a good manufacturer? I hesitate because I know the motors are made in Brazil...

I don't think that motor (post #212169, reply #4 of 5)

I don't think that motor would be good on a tablesaw, it's made to run a fan.  See if there is a motor repair shop that will look at it, they can get a suitable replacement if it is a goner.

Mike (post #212169, reply #5 of 5)

What did the desalt service center say?

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