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Emglo 1.5 HP 4 gal comp question

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Just bought a used AM78 HC4V Air mate 1.5 HP compressor. No owners manual with it. Can any one tell me the quantity of oil required to be fully serviced(ie oil capacity), and what is the range of psi that can be delivered from the stock pressure regulator. Also if any one has a good source of where to find an owners manual I would appreciate it. Thanks.

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Call Dewalt.  They bought Emglo, so they probably still support them.


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I don't know about your particular unit, but I've had great luck finding PDF files of various owner's manuals by searching the manufacturer's sites for them.

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It looks like you can get an owner's manual at this website:  You do have to sign in to access the site, though.

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If it's the one I'm thinking of, the dip stick should have a mark on it for the correct level of oil.  Those compressors will run well and fast , too.  The old 1.5 HPs were the crankers for finish guys and pressures can go to 120 or 125 if you want.  You can tune the high cut-out pressure point and the turn-on pressure point by removing the switch control cover and playing till you get it maxed.

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 got one they  use a synthetic oil from dewalt , when you first buy the  compressor  you take out the dipstic  plug aand install the dipstick plus oil

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Sorry to resurrect a 12 year old thread but I recently received this same air compressor from father in law (Emglo AirMate AM78 HC4V 1.5HP 4 Gallon). Changing the oil and dipstick shows full with 3 ounces of oil (drained after full and measured it) which seems a bit low.

Can't find the manual anywhere. Looked up DeWalt's owner manual (D55151, D55153) for similar looking air compressor and it specs 6 or 12 oz of oil depending on model.

Looked up Jenny AM780 HC4V (could only find parts list) and see the dip stick is exactly what I have. This rules out the possibility of a wrong dipstick. My dipstick does say LIVELLO OLIO (see pic, google says this is OIL LEVEL in Italian) so I guess at least the dipstick is targeted for Italy.

Called Emglo and they don't know the oil capacity. Just stating likely between 6-8oz. DeWalt website can't find the model number. I could go with the capacity that came out which looks to be about 6oz eyeball but it clearly goes way above the dipstick in the unit.

I'm assuming can check oil level while compressor is not running.

Think I've exhausted all support and my best googlefu. If anyone has one of these and knows the exact oil capacity, please post and much appreciated. I am measuring 3oz to get dipstick to full cold mark. Thanks


Came across this post on a 1.5HP Emglo compressor which I'll assume is this AM78-HC4V. 3rd post shows only a couple of oz of oil capacity so thats probaby the correct spec.

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Have you spun it by hand (post #123989, reply #6 of 8)

Have you spun it by hand yet?  I would cycle it several times by hand and then check the level again.

Ran it for a couple of seconds before checking oil level (post #123989, reply #7 of 8)

I ran it for a couple of seconds and checked the oil. Oil level didn't go down.