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Guide for Selecting PVC trim board Gusset Plate

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Guide for Selecting PVC trim board Gusset Plate (post #207105)

     In addition to asking for the certificate of quality inspection reports and product testing from the dealer and you judge the appearance quality by eyes when you are buying (shameless link removed) pinch ceiling profiles.

   First, the appearance should be beautiful; the board should be smooth and has no cracks or no bump, which can be easily removable. The surface is shiny and has no scratches; the sound is crisp when you knock the board by hands.
   Secondly, smell the plate. If there is a strong pungent odor, then it is harmful to the body, we should choose the tasteless secure ceiling products. You may require the production or distribution of units to show its inspection report, and should pay particular attention to see whether the oxygen index is qualified, it must be greater than 30, which is conducive to fire prevention. Select the decorative plate color pattern suitable for living room according to the place of installation, the coordination of individual preferences and the environment.

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