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Hart Woody Hammer

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I purchased one of the original Hart Woody hammers a couple of years ago. I love it! Noticed the other day that the Woody has been redesigned again and honestly didn't look nearly as substantial, especially the attachment of the head to the handle. Does anyone out there know what happened? Anyone have any experience with the new version?
Just curious.

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Dave- the designer of the Woody(Todd Douglas) took his design with him when he parted ways with Hart.

the Douglas hammer is available- both finish & framing. here is the website:

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Greg- I think it is Todd Coonrad With Douglas tool.That is what the little TC in the heart means, on the other side of the head that says HW22.
I got that job on the wine cellar entertainment room but they are buying there cabinets locally. I'll post in the gallery later.

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Bob- I think we are both right- I checked the website- it's Todd Douglas Coonrad-

cool you got that entertainment room-

Bummer I don't get to work on it wit ya-

thanks fo thinkin bout' me tho!!

later, bro!!!

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The whole thing is explained in this month's JLC. Basically what happened was Todd Douglas designed the hammer and Hart built it for them under guidlines which said it had to be manufactured to his exact specifications for a number (maybe 5) of years. Well that time has expired, and Hart is putting their own spin on the Woody now. For all you other hammerheads like me out there, check out the's Stiletto's newest pounder located right next to the article in JLC. $165 is alot of cash for something I throw across the job once a week, but it sure is purty!

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Bob and Greg - you were both right - my full name is Todd Douglas Coonrad. I thought Douglas was a good name for our tool company.
Greg, congrats on getting the entertainment room job. It's good to have work and even better to have inside work this time of year.

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I haven't seen the JLC thing yet but it seems I could clear things up a bit more.
I licensed Hart to make and sell my designs in 1996. Hart was making good tools then and I didn't have the bucks to start a tool company on my own. After not being paid any royalties for over a year of Woody sales, I discovered that Hart was bankrupt and that they were selling the rights to my technology along with the companies assets. After a long and costly process, I went home with my patents and founded Douglas Tool.
I've learned a lot about how to make tools since then. I think you will agree that the new 20,18 and 23 have better balance and other improvements as well.
I use and critique my own tools as a carpenter but I depend even more on your feed back and suggestions.
Thanks- T.C.

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Todd when do I get my "stainless" Douglas Tool hammer?

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I expect you don't want to bite off more than you can chew. But. I hope you see your way to getting dealers or distributors in Canada soon. I hate the border stuff and would rather pay someone else to do it.


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I will follow any leads you give me in your area. Where do you buy tools in Canada?
Thanks, T.C.

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I'm in Edmonton, Alberta. The names in tools stores here are House of Tools, Lee Valley Tools, and Marson equipment. The local PASLODE dealer, PRIME fasteners carrys some specialized framing hammers including the Stilleto, the other HART, Death Stick and so on. I've seen HART and Death Stick in house of tools as well. Both Lee Valley and House of Tools have a catalog sales system as well.

If I see your hammer in any of the above I'll be grabbing one.


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Fairbank Lumber on Steeles in Toronto area carry the woody

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I bought a 20 oz. at the JLC show in Portland last week, Todd. Great feel to it. I don't generally like wooden handles, but I can't wait to try it out next week. Sure feels great in my hand.

By the way, whoever that was manning that booth was really courteous, represented your hammers very well, not pushy at all, regular guy.

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Jim, Thank you for the kind words, I'm sure you will enjoy your new Douglas. If you can describe the person who helped you, I'll gladly pass the compliments along!

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Could I get a website address for the hammers?

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I live where Sears and Vaughan hammers are made. I actually worked there for a period of time before getting into the building / remodeling field. I have noticed over the years that most manufactures have made a hammer similar to yours. I was just wondering if you approached any of the big manufactures like Vaughan & Bushnell, Stanley, Estwing or Plumb before you hooked up with Hart?

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The address is

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I did in fact get contacted by Stanley before Hart and I made our deal. I asked them to give me references or the names of other individuals who they had licences with and they never got back to me.I did'nt contact any of the others before I signed with Hart.
By the way,let me know if you see anything that looks like a copy of my hammer. Thanks, T.Douglas Coonrad

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Did you design the Hart trim hammers too? I've got one of them and it has always drawn attention on jobsites.

Have come close to buying the woody many times, will check your new style out.

good luck!