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Impact Drivers Opions Needed

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Almost picked up a Makita Lightweight (lithium battery) Impact driver, but wanted to learn more about the fairly new brands on the market. I have a old Panasonic 9-volt &  thinking of replacing it, with a Impact Driver. $214.95 Home Depot haven't checked on-line prices. Pack contains driver, battery (2) ?,15 min. charger & case.

What other ligthweights are out there? What's your experience with the them ?


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panasonic's new Li impact has the best specs (panasonic was a pain for repairs... they did correct my problem).  Milwaukee is going to be releasing a new impact come august... looks pretty nice.

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Thank's I'll check it out.

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I've got the panasonic li-ion and it's great.  I compared it to mak's 18v lithium driving 4 inch hex head screws into hardwood and there was nothing in it.  The panasonic has a brushless motor, which I think must be the reason for the extra grunt.  Weighs 3.2 pounds, 1.45 kg.

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Makita has a Impact out that has all the options in one drill. 

Its a regular drill,  impact and hammer drill all in one. 

You have to switch all your bits over to 1/4" shank or buy a chuck adaptor. 


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I have seen that contemplated getting it (I would have to carry less around) Never been able to find hex hammerdrill bits though... so never bought it...

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you could get the Makita 3 in one and 1/4 inch shank adapter chuck and then could use any bit you like!

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I have the Makita and love it. I was driving 8" timberlocks like it was a dw screw. I would recomend it.




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Is your Makita the light weight ? How do you think it would compair to this ?

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No, mine is the larger battery. The link is to a general website not a specific tool. Which tool are you looking at? I have the 14.4v milwaukee and there is no comparison. I think all the impact drivers are similar. It's a color choice on the  new ones. Let me know what one you are looking at.




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I have a 12v Makita impact for years and would not trade it for the world,I would however look into the 14.4v

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Milwaukee 0881-22 OR THE MAKITA LIGHTWEIGHT both are 18 volts
V18â„¢ Impact Drivers

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Oddly, I was just talking about this yesterday. My experience with impacts has been almost exclusively with Makitas, and I've had no reason to change them yet. Some kid had his 14.4v Milwaukee out on the job yesterday and I picked it up. Don't like it.

Makitas seem to have good power for what I use them for and are lightweight. Equally important, and this is why I don't care for the Milwaukee, the Makita is very small--allowing you to get into tight spaces.

Don't get me wrong, I really like Milwaukee tools, but if there is a tool that is better for a job, I'd buy that.