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Laser distance meters.

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Hi guys, I was just browsing around on a favourite tool site and took a look at those laser distance meters. I got kinda curious and decided to come on here and ask if any of your guys use them, what brand, and your honest opinion on them.

Thanks guys & Merry Christmas



I think the only real reason (post #207184, reply #1 of 6)

I think the only real reason for having a laser distance meter (other than as a "man toy") is if you do work such as estimating, where you need to quickly get the approximate dimensions of rooms, etc. 

When you need to take accurate measurements for construction you might as well use a tape in most cases, since it's more accurate and you have confidence that you're measuring to a specific point. 

(Consider how difficult it would be to use a laser meter to measure a length of 2x4 to be cut, even if it were accurate enough.)

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Dan (post #207184, reply #3 of 6)

You don't use it to mark the cut, but to solo know what to read on your tape.


Easily does well on inside to inside dimensions.  By flushing up to a corner, does outside to inside very well.

The squaring function gives you the diagonal measurement.  This takes a little finagleing if you want to set square lines within a space.

But yes to estimating-I'd think it a must have for that reason alone.

And of course, anything off the floor overhead etc, where that big as s'd tape flops down.  Beats carrying my hundred inch stick into a fully adorned home to do crown molding.  At least when I know over the lamp, it's with the unwielding crown itself.

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I got a Bosch GLM 50c. This (post #207184, reply #6 of 6)

I got a Bosch GLM 50c. This laser distance meter works well with an app to draw plans and use photos for sketches. Maybe this review is of worth for you:

Paul (post #207184, reply #2 of 6)

Long time, no see.

You really should stop by more often.



I picked up a Stabila this past year-it was warm and sunny and the days were longer.  A customer had given me a gift card to a local yard, so I added to that a bit and purchased the LD300 (about 150.00).  Gave some thought to upping the ante and getting the next model up (about 250.00), but figured this would fill the bill for my planned use.

1/8" in a hundred ft accurate I think.  Will do area, cubic, hypotenuse for squaring.  Take a look at it and the higher up models at their site.

I figured it for solo crown installs and it did it REAL GOOD.

My main idea was for quicker, easier measuring while looking at jobs.  Ever melted your tape measuring up a counter or kitchen redo-you know, lay it behind the toaster, coffee maker.......etc and somehow where you can't see-you lay it on the slightly protruding plug!

Works real nice on those-floor to ceiling when it's a bas-turd height.  Quick room measurement, etc.

Tried it just today on precise measurement from top of cabinets to ceiling (for that tall pantry cab that'll fit on top of the coming solid surface top.  I'll let you know how that goes if interested.............

Hope all is well and the next year even better.

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Yeah Calvin it's been a long (post #207184, reply #4 of 6)

Yeah Calvin it's been a long time since I came on here and I missed it over the months. 2012 was a rough year and it kept me with no time to do things I liked doing such as coming on here. I now have all the free time I could ever want and lots of time for this site.




that leaves 'em hanging........... (post #207184, reply #5 of 6)

So, win the lottery or god forbid, forced out of the trades due to accident or ill health.  Man, I hope it's the former............

and your're buy'n.


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