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Levelution Level system?

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Anyone use that levelution level system?  Pros? Cons? would you buy another etc etc...

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Check with Joe Fusco  if he doesn't respond here first. If I recall correctly Joe uses Levelution and likes the system. Me, I've been using Stabila and have been very satisfied.

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After seeing it demonstrated at a trade show about three years ago, I decided that it would be my next and last level. Quite an investment but I've been buying a wood/brass bound every five or six years for all my life.

Still love it.


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sounds like this levelution level will be the revolution in levels



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They're great when you're working in a brizzard.


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Anyone use that levelution level system?  Pros? Cons? would you buy another etc etc...


  • Its like having a full set of equalivalent Stabilas (or some other comparable set) with some added features
  • They can all be ganged to gether to give you one 8' level ( or a 2 and a 6)
  • They're come conviently organized together in their own carrying case.
  • Tough (several years with my personal set and not a hint of trouble) 4 out of 5 of use use Levelution.
  • Some neat accessories. I like having the stubby 6" extension when door hanging (gives me a 6'-6" level/straight edge) and the T-square.


  • To buy the whole set up (all at once) might seem expensive for a young apprentice level carpenter

If I had to buy another set (I haven't, plus I think they're guaranteed for life aren't they?) I would would buy another set. I (we) recommend them very highly.

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thanks for the review.  i compared the different stabilas and prices them and they were close.  But i liked the idea that in the situation youd have an 8ft lvl, and some of the add-ons were useful not gimmicy.


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You can go to ten or twelve feet by buying extra sections if youbuild tall walls often.

The biggest thing that iompressed me in the demonstration booth is that the guy took one and whacked a solid pole with it hard - like swinging a baseball bat.

I ducked and grimaced, expecting to see pieces flying. He handed it back to me and said, now check it for true again. It was perfcet!

I asked what if it ever needs adjustment? He said send it to us - lifetime gaurantee. They'll adjust or replace.


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Oh Well,

We did the best we could...

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I love mine.  I also got the T-square and 6" level ( unfortunately the 6" grew feet and walked).  They also sell a 12" addition, been thinking of getting that.  That way you could have just about every length ( 6, 12,18,24,30,36,42,48,54,60",....).

If the cost is prohibitive, I know levelution also makes a door hangers set.  Believe it is a 48" and 30" or 32" level that can lock together.  Much cheaper than the 8 foot set.



Did you get an extra 4' piece?  If so how does it work going out that far?  Ive been thinking of getting an xtra piece.




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I've got the kit plus the baby and the right angle. Pretty much just what Joe shows


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We did the best we could...

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I bought mine in 96 or 97, I'm not sure anymore. When I did I gave away my six stabila's. The funny thing is I've been talking about this level since I bought it and it's only take, what 7 years for most to realize just how good they are. . .

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I am on my second set of last set was stolen,first of all levelution is made in the( UNITED STATES OF AMERICA) they are made from aircraft aluminum,secondly-there is nothing on the market that can compare to the durability Ive been through several stabila made in( Germany) grant you the German's make good stuff,but it's like comparing a vw to a cadillac.and last point if they ever get out of whack you can adjust them no other lever offers this back to my first point they are made in the (UNITED STATES OF AMERICA)

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I'm wondering the possibility of buying the levelution product used.  Since the 2003 thread you replied to, I think that these levels have ceased being produced.  I had read somewhere that Irwin had gobbled them up, but did not continue production.  If I am wrong, please post the link to who sells them.


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You are correct,the only reason I replied to this thread,is because I broke a rafter hook and  had to scour  the Internet to find a replacement.I am tired of America selling out I will pay any premium needed to secure a quality American made product.I did however find a replacement rafter hook on eBay,if you can find a good used set  buy them, they will last you forever.I have had my set for 6 years and have been rough on them,they are still in perfect working condition. after learning they are no longer around I treat them like gold,if I had time I would wax and polish them (just kidding)

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Levelution got snapped up by a larger competitor just so they could take it off the market. Still happy with mine, and would buy another used to add to the set if the chance ever came up



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We did the best we could...

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I have had mine for over 14 years and still love it.  When I pull it out I get nothing but comments about how sweet it is that I have a 2', 4', 6', and 8' level all in one.  Everyone always asks where to get one so I decided to check and see if they were still around.  To my dismay they were bought by Irwin years ago and are no longer made.  If they were still on the market I would probably by another set as a back up just in case something was to happen to mine.

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Does anyone know where I can purchase accessories for the silver colored level that has 2-2', 1-4' system to make a 6'and 8' levels. I want to buy the secure knobs and the T-square. Thanxxxx for the info if anyone can HELP!!!!!!!!!!