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I can't seem to find a moulding machine that I can have custom cutters made for it. Any help will be appreciated. Dale

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Dale, I'm not an authority on the topic, but I think you should be able to have knives made for most of the moulders on the market. W&H, Jet, and (dare I say it) Craftsman make moulders that will take custom knives. Williams and Hussey is more of a dedicated moulder than the Jet or Craftsman which seem to be planers that will take moulding knives, as well. Williams and Hussey will make custom knives for their machines. I don't know that the Jet or Craftsman necessarily make custom patterns, but there are quite a few companies out there that will be able to make knives for moulders, shapers, and even custom bits for routers. Here in the Pac NW, Portland Saw will make custom bits and knives for various machines. If you are looking at a particular machine, I wouldn't be too shocked if the manufacturer maintains a list of companies that will make custom knives for their machines. Hope this helps.

Try this address for W&H:

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Dale, I've got a Viel moulder made in northern Quebec and I also got their profile copy grinder so I can make my own cutter knives. It works really well if your doing limited production work (under 5000 lin. ft.).