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Need Some Chalk Box Advice

tomhawkins's picture
I could use a new chalk box. for the most part, I like the fatmax line of tools, but I haven't been impressed with their chalk boxes. I'm using an old-school plastic Irwin that is ok but has its downfalls. plus, I like new "cool" tools. 
I've read a lot about Tajima, but my only concern is that people say they're best used for finish work. I hardly ever use a chalk box on finish material. the majority of my chalk box usage is on OSB plywood and roofing trusses or rafters. however, I did read somewhere that there is a Tajima extra bold chalk box (the red one I think) that is better suited for rougher materials. anyone use this before and can comment on its usage on the rough material? also, how are they on durability? I've read plenty that says they make a clean line, but will this chalk box last under normal construction usage? and my last question is can you use any kind of chalk in a Tajima? no Tajima products are sold anywhere in my area, so I would have to order chalk off the internet every time I ran out, which I would rather avoid if at all possible.