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New Homak portable tool box / chest 3 drawer BW00203200

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Just bought a new portable tool box by Homak.  I really like it.  Quality of construction is much better than my old Husky box as well as the $50 boxes that Sears/craftsman are making now.  It's 20" wide and almost 14" tall.  A little taller than some of the other brands which translates to deeper drawers.  The sheet metal used is noticeably thicker than the other brands at .8 mm thick.  The top is nicely reinforced with an additional layer of perforated sheet metal which adds to its structural integrity.  I really like the spring loaded latches which really keep the main box attached to the top when carrying it.  Can't tell you how many times I picked up my old box and the latches slipped off and you know what happened......  The box also comes with a keyed cylinder type lock on the top.  The drawers are not of the ball bearing type, but uses friction sliders.  Nonetheless, they operate smoothly and feel solid.  Much more precise / and solid than the $50 craftsman box.  Overall I would say the quality is comparable to a $300 Kennedy box...but at a much better price.  I paid about $76 including shipping at sears online.  It's also available through Northern Tool and at Amazon.  The only downside is that it's made in China....

Anyway....just thought I would share .....