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New loading ramp with wheels

JET_BUM's picture

Hi everybody!

I certainly don't want this post to be considered span or advertising.  That is not the intention.  I only want to inform and save some lower backs.  LOL

My name is Bob and my background is in architectural design and building.  I got started when I was 14 years old and have spent over 30 years now in the field.  When Phoenix got crushed in '08/09 my architectural business took a hard hit.  I decided to go out and invent a new product that would really help a lot of people.

I invented the JET BUM loading ramp.  It was designed to load and unload jet skis in an out of a pick-up truck.  I quickly realized that it worked really well on construction equipment and materials also.  The ramp was introduced last Friday 08.14.15  If you don't own a forklift or a mechanical lift tailgate my invention will really help you.

I'm not going to plug my website because I'm not looking to be a spammer.  I'm very proud to make this high-quality product in the USA.

It's a ramp with self-braking wheels that allows cargo to roll freely uphill and engages brakes to slow the cargo going downhill.

I will attach a picture.  Message me back and tell me what you think.