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New old ridgid brand hammer drill

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I tried to get a Milwaukee, but I aalways got outbid! My budget was 100 dollars, shipping included. I got pretty tired of being outbid, so I went with a buy it now Item.

It is a Ridgid R5010



PULSE MODE for driving screw with damaged heads and for recentering bit on hard, smooth surfaces

HAMMER MODE for clean, accurate holes when drilling in concrete or masonry

IMPACT-GRADE KEYLESS CHUCK for impact drilling. Unique spring-loaded internal clamp holds the bit securely

VARIABLE SPEED DIAL 0-1000 / 0-3000 RPM (no load speed)

AUTO-STOP BRUSHES for extended life

AUTOMATIC SAFETY CLUTCH helps protect operator against sudden kickback if the bit accidentally jams

LOCK-ON BUTTON for continuous drilling

HIGH / LOW SPEED choose the range that fits the application and material

12 FOOT ALL RUBBER CORD WITH BUILT-IN CORD WRAP for added durability and convenience

LIGHTED PLUG to easily identify live tools


120V AC 9.0 Amp

Chuck Size
1/2" keyless

Blows per minute
0-19,000 / 0-57,000

0-1000 / 0-3000 (no load speed)

Net weight
7.0 lbs.


Drill; auxiliary handle; depth gauge; operator's manual and case



I got this for 76 dollars, 15 shipping

Any thoughts on Ridgid tools?

I am told these were made by Metabo for ridgid.



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You should be fine with it. Enjoy and don't overload it, give it time to do its job.

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Some specific Ridgid power tools were made by Metabo such as the 2610 6" dual mode sander and the 4 1/2" grinder.

That was then - now, HD and Ridgid have taken those once German made Metabo clones and created made in China duplicate tools, sometimes changing the catalog number one digit.

For $76 you probably can't go wrong, but I would spend a bit more to get a proven brand, unless I knew for sure I had a 3rd party made one like the Metabo's.


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Definitely an older one here- Made in Germany(even looks like a Mtabo, except that it is Orange!). It is sad to see Hope Depot and Ridgid cheapening the line up. Ridgid was on the way to becoming a major player in the tool games.

I don't know which color is worse, the Ridgid orange, or the Hitachi green!-I am glad I bought my Hitachi nailers while they were still that pale green! They should have made their power tools in that color-I think they would get more respect.

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I've noticed that the 1/2" ridgid hammer drills have changed a couple of times, there was a good review of the pulse one in F.H.B.,, wish I'd had the 250 bucks at the time!  The One in my H.D. is a different model now, and at discounted prices,, might just pick one up.  I use a Ridgid circular saw (everyone picks it up! nice saw!) 10" mitre saw, laminate trimmer and shop vac.  I have NO complaints!  Seems ridgid are doing a good job designing well thought out tools!  Good luck with the drill!


Its a horse thing!


Ridgid r5010 was in fact made by metabo (post #125662, reply #5 of 5)

I know this is an old thread, & most trades have switched over to cordless tools, but I can attest to the fact that the ridgid r5010 was made by metabo, & is a very good tool. I have owned several of them. They are parts identical to a metabo sbe850 impuls. I replaced brushes in my ridgid with metabo brushes. This drill is tough. I'm no cabinet maker, & my tools get put through hell. The ridgid r5010 takes whatever I've ever thrown at it & puts holes in it! One of the great things about this drill is that many people will turn their nose up at it because it's orange instead of green, & they can be picked up for a song! I have owned several, & cannot recommend this tool enough! The pulse drilling feature alone is pretty great, as well as the clutch, which only engages in the high speed setting, so if you really need the torque to power through something, switch to low speed, & hang on tight! The forward/reverse switch is kind of odd, but I have been informed by an electrical engineer, that the way metabo implemented it is the RIGHT WAY (TM) to change direction on that type of electric motor. This drill is quite heavy by modern standards, so be aware if you're overpowered by cordless impact drivers, this is not the tool for you. Otherwise, if you see one, snap it up. Only the r5010, though. The later, made in china r5011 is a different, somewhat lower quality tool.