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New use for old plate joiner.

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Saw similar post about other uses for this tool over at 'knots' but thought that more people could use it here.
Last week I had to cut a bunch of Oak door jambs and cased openings down that were held to the floor...hardwood floor was an afterthought. The idea of cutting them down with my Crain undercut saw was depressing. I pulled my old dusty Skil plate joiner off the shelf and removed the front plate. Set on a scrap of 1/4" plywood it cut at exactly the thickness of my flooring. I had to finish the last bit (1/4") with the undercut saw but I cut 12 jambs in less than an hour and the finish cut was perfect with no chipping. I had been considering buying a power jamb saw, not now.

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Outstanding, Rich.

I didn't want to buy an undercut saw, anyway.

Thanks for the tip.


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Yeah, good to hear something plate joiners are good for.

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I've been using my plate joiner like that for about a year now. Glad somebody else saved a few bucks from buying a flush cut jamb saw too.

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I still think mine makes a great meat tenderizer.