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Plans for Roll-Out Pickup Drawers

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I'm searching for plans for a roll-out drawer for my new pickup bed.  I could swear that I saw such a plan in FHB in the not too distant past but my search of the mag index has not been fruitful.  Does anyone recall such an article or have another source for plans such as these?  Thanks.

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heres a recent thread ,

also article in may '06

one of those things I know I need but never seem to get to ..

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I cant get the link to work but heres the daatails of the thread

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From: DougU Jun-28 3:43 pm
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maybe you can get to it on your own
search pickup boxs

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I recently noticed when the garage door installer came to the job that they use old garage door track and rollers. Thought that was pretty neat and then wished i hadnt thrown out the old ones.

Next time i remove a door ill save the old track and rollers to make my own haevy duty drawers.

good luck and if you do use old garage door stuff do post photos on how u did it.