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Problems with Paslode Finish Nailer

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 Has anyone else experienced problems with this finish gun? I just purchased it a few months ago and at first it worked great. A few weeks ago I started having problems. I made sure that my cartridges were not expired and that the battery is fully charged...but still no go!. It just won't fire nails when I go to shoot something. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Check that the gas cylinder is truly engaged with the port? Check that the gas cylinder is indeed with gas?

I have had mine for quite awhile and those two are the only reasons it wont fire..if the fan runs, the batt is OK.  The only other thing (readily common) is are you pressing it hard enough to overcome the safty spring.

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It may have jambed. Make sure the plunger is in the upright position, otherwise it wont fire. You also may have a nail jambed in there. Open the nose and check it out.


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clean and oil it , thats what we all forget to do ...youd be amazed at what regular maintenance

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Sometimes I have problems if the depth adjustment is set too deep. Its worth a check.

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What's the indicator light saying?  Every once in a great while, mine will start running poorly.  A thorough cleaning and a fresh fuel cell has always done the trick.

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I have forgot to push the cap down on the new gas cartrage when I put it in and took a little while to figure it out because if you just glace at it it may look all the way down but its not really,  made me feel pretty silly.

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I have a Paslode finish nailer.   The battery is fully charged.  However when I put the batter into the

battery compartment it clicks in but I get no power and no indicator light


Any ideas ?     

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try gently pushing on battery and then lightly depress trigger till it cycles , then gun will fire at least once.Still trying to figure the rest of the problem out. but I'm thinking the vibration of the shot loosens the contact of the battery. Islightly pull on trigger to cycle it and then it will fire.This does not help when holding material, on ladder 3 stories up with 20 knot winds but it may lead you to a solution of where problem may be stemming from.The gun does not need to be depressed to cycle after the gentle pull on trigger.