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Removing Bits from Impact guns

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I love my Bosch Impact gun almost as much as my wife. However I got a bit stuck in it  that I couldn't remove using any of the techniques discribed on  the WEB. So in the middle of the night the engineer in me woke up and  I put some Marv's Mystery oil on the chuck and put the gun, without the battery, in the freezer. In the morning, before my wife got up, I removed it from her freezer, put in a fresh warm battery ,  clamped the bit in the vise and  hit the trigger.. One shot and the gun and the bit were ready to go back to work.

I had tried all of this at room temp, previously . I think the cold temps, cooled the ball enough for it to release, ie that's the trick.

Love my Bosch and my wife.

good idea (post #213403, reply #1 of 2)

I've never stuck a bit in the Makitas I use that wouldn't loosen up with a little sideways/downward hammer tap. But I put a couple drops of oil in the chuck every now and then.


I've had that with Hilti and (post #213403, reply #2 of 2)

I've had that with Hilti and Makita drivers. Usually, a tap or two with a hammer on the bit loosens it. Sometimes I'll grab it with Vice-Grips. Never had to freeze the tool, though. 

Andy Engel

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