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Replace drill with impact driver?

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Well, looks like my 18v battery drill grew legs...  I know this has been covered before, but sometimes I'm a little slow...  Can I get one of those new impact drivers with the 1/4" chuck and do all my drilling, driving of deck screws, etc with the impact?  Or are there some things a drill can do that an impact can't, aside from the obvious fact that I have a gazillion standard drill bits.  BTW, I still have a 1/2" Milwaukee hammer drill, but that's a little clunky for driving deck screws, messing with door hardware, and the like.

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I got an impact driver for my birthday (happy birthday to me)  and my 18V dewalt is seeing far less use, and I gave the 14.4 to my wife.  (I borrow it back)   I got the 12 volt makita impact driver and it comes with a free keyless chuck from amazon.  I am using it on a deck job,  and it is awesome.  Drilling big holes should still be left to drills though.




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I did the same thing. Got rid of my PC crodless drill and use the mak impact now. But rememebr there is no clutch on it so ya go to be careful with it.



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I've got both....but I'm thinking you could get away with just an impact driver.  Especially lately.

You could pick up a brand new Makita right now at Amazon and they're throwing in a free keyless chuck.  This way all your old bits will still be useful.   The chuck fits right into the quick release hex driver chuck, so it's a quick change thing.  You could drill your hole, pop out the chuck with the bit still in it, and stick in your hex shank driver bit to run the screw.


You could get the whole package in one with the Panasonic Multi-driver.  Never heard a complaint with that one either.

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in an ideal world you would need both.

but in most situations you can use an impact driver to drill pretty much all to holes you'll ever need.

i've got 4 panasonic drills: 2 impact drivers, 15.6v cordless and a 24v sds

the only trouble i've had is that on 2 of them ths switches have given out so that the brake stopped working.

having said that i use them all day everyday. i really give them a pounding.

panasonic are the only drills that i've had last more than 12 months, everything else died.

so for most things an impact driver can drill and if you get the drills with the hex shank it makes it really easy to swap them over.

one thing i have found is that they are not very good for piffin screws.

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Thanks all for the extra quick response.

I seem to remember from previous discussions, and from the above that the Makita and Pannasonic are most popular (well liked).  The keyless chuck that takes regular bits sounds like a big plus.  For now I have been using the 18v Dewalt platform for my battery tools (please no wise [JOBSITE WORD] comments... fool, yellow tool, and all that :) ) but maybe it's time to throw something else in the mix. 

Only 1 last question - what are piffin screws - guess I haven't been around much lately to be in on that one - unless those are the ones he uses to hang those really big kitchen cabinets... ;-)

Thanks again,


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Just received the Makita 6916 kit.

Test drove two wood screws into the side of a 2x4.

A #10 x 3" zinc coated phillips wood screw.

And a #8 x 2-1/2".

I was able to drive these in and out repeatedly without stripping the phillips slot.

Hearing protection recommended during impact mode.

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i even use mine for brass slotted screws. 3 pairs of hinges is quite a few screws.

i just do the last turn by hand to soldier all the slots. (i'm a bit anal!!!!LOL)

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what..... no I dont want another soda thanks..

but i did use the jacobs chuck attachment with the impact and it works great just dont bottom the drill out in the chuck or it'll get stuck and you'll be payin hell trying to get it fact keep it towards the top



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re - but i did use the jacobs chuck attachment with the impact and it works great


The 6916 I just got came with a free all-metal keyless chuck with the markings "CAP.1.5-10" and "THD 3/8-24".

What is this jacobs chuck i've read folks raving about in previous threads ?

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A jacobs chuck is  what a reg. drill chuck is called. it is for a drill press and has a tapered collar with a key slot in t to remove it from the drill and replace it with either a larger size chuck or a smaller size chuck.

I use the term interchangably with any removeable chuck such as the one for the impact.



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Jacobs is a brand name for adjustable chucks. Don't think that they need to be removable.

But that Jacobs is used generically by people to mean an adjustable chuck. Just like Kleanex. But don't try that is a national publication or you will get a polite, but firm letter from their lawyers asking you to correct that usage.

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Thanks for explaining the jacobs chuck, which this seems to be a variation of.

This removeable Makita chuck, which looks like an oldtime keyed chuck (except it's keyless) is designed to be....chucked into the impact driver's bit holder which uses a slip collar (if that's a correct term.)

With three other drills, no sure if I'll ever use this attachment but it was a freebie.

Are some folks using impact drivers for the occasional drilling ?

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""""Are some folks using impact drivers for the occasional drilling ?"""""


i've never used the chuck that came with my panasonic though as i just use bits with the hex shank.

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re - i just use bits with the hex shank


That's it - this Makita removeable chuck has a hex shank for attaching to the impact driver.

Now I recall a previous thread about impact driver - something about hex shanked drill bit sets.

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I've used the Jacobs style chuck with my DeWalt impact driver as well as the hex shank drill bits, it is great for wood and going into thin metal as a drill. I've found that the thing doesn't work too great trying to go into heavier gauge steel studs for hanging sheetrock or drilling stainless and things of that nature..anyone managed to do this successfully with their impact driver? Maybe adjust the speeds around or something...



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my panasonic has a switch to turnto impact mode off for drilling.

i never use it though!!!! use a regular drill/driver for drilling and drywall screws.

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use my 12 volt Panasonic impact driver for drilling all the time

use hex shank twist bits and hex shank spade bits - work great

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McFeely's has hex shank bits where u can replace the bits

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will this huck convert impact into hammer drill while holding the chuck as u drill,i see that it goes up and down but im not sure if it will blow ot my brushes on my milwaukee impact seing that its not a brushless one

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The chuck merely enables the use of non hex end drill bits to be used in an impact drill motor.

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