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Rockwell (Sawbuck) Frame & Trim Saw

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Rockwell (Sawbuck) Frame & Trim Saw (post #215849)


 I'm probably shooting in the dark here but here's the question... I have a old Rockwell frame & trim (sawbuck) #33-050.

I need to replace the arbor bolt (screw) for mounting the blade. Can anyone tell me the screw size? Diameter, pitch (thread) & length. I know it's a left hand thread. Is it a Metric, English or special factory thread?

 A left hand 5/16-24 seems just a little loose, could be it but would like to be sure. 


Odd that Rockwell and Delta (post #215849, reply #1 of 2)

Odd that Rockwell and Delta have the same model number for their "frame and trim" saw.  The Delta uses a brass nut, apparently.

(Are you sure your model number isn't 33-150?)

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"frame and trim" saw (post #215849, reply #2 of 2)

Thanks for the reply DanH... yes 33-150. FINIALY found the Arbor Screw "no info. on the tread" just a part # to order.

Here's the scoop if it helps someone else Screw #422-25-112-0001 RENOVO parts .com $4.42 + shipping