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Rockwell Speedmaster 7 and a quarter inch circular saw.

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Hwy guys ans gals, a buddy of mine inherited a few older power tools from a deceased FIL, Wondering if any value to them.

First one is the Rockwell Speedmatic Model 679,  This one has a metal box and both are in great shape, also has the manual, though it is a bit tattered.


The other is a Powercraft 7 and a quarter , full metaal body on this one . Powercraft was a Wards excllusive. Looks to be in good shape, sticker is a bit curled and it is mounted on a metal mini table saw conversion.


Anybody interested they are near Denver, give me a hollar!

Jim at Great White


jim (post #206544, reply #1 of 2)

Great saw and probably a good buy for most any carpenter.

...............though, a much better buy for an old guy.


I still have and use daily my original 315.  Managed to find a couple others and glad I did as parts for these saws are dwindling.


Try it out, you might want to grab it.

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Rockwell Speedmatic 679 saw (post #206544, reply #2 of 2)

Would you consider selling the 679 saw?