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screw attachments

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I am interested in getting a screwing attachment to drive drywall screws (either with cordless Bosch or corded DeWalt)

AND drive floor screws for subfloors.

Saw Duraspin by Senco and QuickDrive. It appears that Quickdrive has propriety type driver bits (which sucks)

Has anybody experience with these or other products?

You have two different needs. (post #206158, reply #1 of 2)

You have two different needs - The drywall screwgun needs a much higher RPM (and less torque) then what is needed for the deck screws.

I have both the Duraspin and 2 Quickdrives.

The Quickdrives are strictly for deck screwing and work well.

The cordless Duraspin I bought as a compromise when my first Quickdrive broke down. I had hoped the Duraspin would have enough torque (I choose the slower RPM version) to handle the deck screws to finish the project I was on and wrongfully assumed it would be adequate to hang drywall with. It did not have the torque to handle the 2" deck sheathing screws. I went out and found a new Quickdrive to finish up.

When I tried the Duraspin out on drywall, it had such slow RPM compared to my corded screw gun that it now just sits around collecting dust.

To add to my frustration, after purchasing the replacement Quickdrive, while trying to get parts that were no longer available, Quickdrive offered me a new unit if I sent in the broken one. So now I have two.

The propriety bits are a bit of an issue but are available where the screws are purchased.



Quik Drive (post #206158, reply #2 of 2)

The crew I work with uses Quik Drive for both drywall and subfloor applications. It's a great and reliable system that saves tons of time and labor. The bits aren't an issue for us. We don't go through them very quickly, and we just pick up a few when we buy collated screws. The extension kit for the Quik Drive is great for screwing ceiling drywall from the floor, and for screwing subfloor without bending over or working on your knees. I'd recommend their system for both of your needs.