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Self Leveling Rotary Lasers

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Hi guys, I was looking around at some tools online and comparing prices on some that I don't have. I was thinking of buying one of those self leveling rotary lasers, either a Dewalt or Bosch, both of which caught my eye. The Dewalt DW074KDT is $52 less than the Bosch GRL300HVD and it comes with a tripod and "measuring stick" (not sure of term) whereas it'll cost another $65 to buy the Bosch tripod. Now I'm not one to buy one maker's tool over another maker's simply because it's cheaper, I always read reviews such as Fine Homebuilding and size up the features of a particular tool.

Guys, have any of you used the Dewalt DW074KDT or the Bosch GRL300HVD lasers? Have any of you used the Dewalt or Bosch laser levels and what opinion did you get from them?


Thanks guys



Paul (post #207236, reply #1 of 1)

Here's a comment and endorsement of a different brand.


I've had and / or used 4 of their lasers.

The PLS 2 was the first-performed very well, used often, good battery life.  Level horiz. / plumb vert lines along with a function that locked a square cross.

Replaced it with the 180 (upgraded model).  Wider line cast (way more than 180 degrees)

Can be had with a receiver (for bright light conditions).

The way I was treated by the company right from the beginning was excellent.  Questions quickly answered and support very forthcoming.

PLS has also come here to publicly (without attempts to free ad spam) respond to questions.

When they offered the upgraded 180, they made available a swap program at lesser cost to exchange the 180 for the 2.

I've used it on a camera tripod (though you're limited in height), a bldrs level stand, stuck it to steel and steel studs (or scraps for a quick bracket) with the included magnet mount (which you can screw to the wall etc if needed)

The most useful stand has been one from Fastcap.  One of their ThirdHands with their laser bracket.

That's what I've used for several years.  You are limited in use only by your imagination.


The only laser I've added is a dot laser from Stabila.  Plumb up / down and a squaring operation.

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