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Stair router template

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Anyone know where to find one of the old Rockwell router stair templates??

They seem to be getting very rare.  What are you guys using to rout your stair stringers?

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I / We at our business use a plywood or mdo one that gets remade every few years. I find it more flexible in its uses. you can clamp it to a post and route nosing and risers for instance. you can flip it over and use both sides and it is cheap easy to make and somewhat durable

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EJC..... I know where you can find one. See picture. What would you be willing to pay for one of these "RARE " old Rockwell stair templates in pristine condition?

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Hey, that's a nice one.  Are you serious about selling?  Where are you located?

Assuming the shipping isn't outrageous I'd give $400.00

Also by saying it's "rare" are you implying that you have an over abundance of these?  How many more do you have hanging on those shop walls?!

Talk to me I'm serious about buying if the price is right.


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That's the only one I have. I'm not really interested in selling it. It's part of my estate. I was just "testing the waters" to see what others think they're worth. But if I were to sell it,it would have to go for a good bit more than $ 400.00. I paid almost that much for it back in the early '80's. Used it for 20+ years and routed out hundreds (no exaggeration) sets of stair stringers and it's still as good as new. I don't mean to insult you and I haven't the foggiest idea if there's a going price for these old jigs but if I were to sell it I'm thinking I'd have to get more like 3 extra heavy duty bills for it.

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Last time I saw them for sale the going price was $600. That was about 2 years ago. I heard there is a guy near Philly that is trying to make some new news. That was about one year ago, I never followed up. I think he was thinking in the $600 range.


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Used a plexiglass/Lexan/polycarbonate template with some bar clamps, the big PC router and a bushing.  That template/jig had two different angles cut for the tread and the riser wedges.  So that sucked!  Because you had to cut two different angled wedges not to mention a third general purpose wedge/shim.  That meant having two extra table saw jigs around for cutting 'em.

So if I had to do it over again, I'd have the plastics shop make one for a router with a top bearing bit (bushing made us offset from layout) and both the tread and riser wedge angle would be the same.

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That is cool.  Never seen one of those puppies before.  Nice looking shop, too.


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I just can't understand why these have become so rare and why people are accepting plexiglass, and plywood jigs.  Those can't even compare in my mind.  Why use something that you have to re-make every so often when this jig is almost forever.

Are the majority of stairs being built in a shop on a cnc machine or what??

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I saw this setup in the last festo catalog,

They showed it as adjustable for stairs and many other router uses.  Don't know if its usable with other router brands.

As a hobbyist, just wondering what some proffesional types think of this on price to utility.

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I saw one on ebay about 6 months ago, I don't think anyone bid on it, forget the price.  You might want to post over at JLC and see if they know a source.

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Found this.

Click to zoom on Trend Stair Jig A Complete Closed Riser (staircase Housing Jigs / Stair Housing Jigs)


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Thanks guys,

I'll start watching ebay a little closer and check with jlc.  I'm just not sold on the laminate templates yet.

Thanks EJ

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Here's the one from ebay, I found a pic that I saved.

One other idea would be to go to a local cnc company and have them router out one from sheet aluminum.  I don't know how much it would be in your area but if they can easily import a measured drawing you have, it may be reasonable.

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I have one for sale (post #123515, reply #14 of 17)

Rockwell #521 stair layout template for sale, 100% original, no breaks, no welds, just original. One custom staircase many years ago made me over $11,000 in labor only usin this template. ALSO the new building codes no longer allow for minor tread height variances, the heights tread to tread must all be the same and within the tolertances established in the newer building codes.

Quality pays in cost savings over time, and this is just one of the Rockwell tools/machinery that I made a good living with, that are all now for sale.

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Rockwell 521 stair layout template/jig. (post #123515, reply #15 of 17)

I have mine finally for sale as now retired and no longer use it. See my ad listing in the Tampa Bay Area Craigslist.

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Stair layout template (post #123515, reply #16 of 17)

By chance do you still have your stair layout  template jig?

Sd (post #123515, reply #17 of 17)

i sent an email to that poster.  He responded that it's still on Craigslist in Tampa.


you can find it there.


See my ad listing in the Tampa Bay Area Craigslist.


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