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Stanley Warranty ROCKS

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 Couple weeks ago, my favorite hammer, a Stanley graphite anti vibe, broke handle under the rubber grip. I emailed stanley asking anout warranty, replyed that i have to send hammer to them. Shipped hammer ( $12 postage, marked FRAGILE (lol ) on box.  Yesterday, Purolator calls with package, New all steel Stanley   curved claw 20 oz. counter vibe hammer!!! My wrist is happy and so am I.  I did buy a new stanley counter vibe about a week ago, on sale at Canadian tire for $21 ( regular $35) , but it is a straight claw, good for framing, but I find it little clumbsy for general use.

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Not sure how happy I'd be about having to spend $12 to ship a broken $20-35 hammer back for warranty replacement.

They'd be much better in customer service if they'd allow you to email a photo of your broken hammer and then send a new one directly - or just take your word for it based on a faxed in receipt.

Then maybe they'd rock.


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Or take it to one of their distributors (the big box) for certification that it's broke.

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Seems to me that there is more to it than just verifying the broken-ness of it.

They want it out of circulation so no more claims are made on the same tool, and they want to be able to run tests on it to determine why it broke so they can work at plans to correct the problem.



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I broke an Estwing 28 many yrs ago, took it in and got a new one, so did two other guys, before the last store kept it..LOL

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yup, Eastwings are guarnteed for life, I've found 1/2 dz over time, now what to do with all them hammers ...

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During the verification process, the distributor could retain the broken tool and replace with a new one. Then, when the inevitable truck showed up for delivery, the retained tool could be placed on the truck for the trip to the forensic analysis.

Okay...I like Sears warrantys better. It doesn't cost $12 to get a broken hammer replaced.

All of it still beats the warranty that they offered to Frank when he bought a Titanium Stilletto with the metal shaft for almost 200 bucks. The head popped off several times in less than two months. They asked him if he pried anything. "Yes, I pried some nails off with the claws." ...."That's not allowed".

LOL! $200 for a hammer that you can't pry with!!!! I laughed my #### off at that.

The second time the head fell off he wasn't prying anything. The hammer just fell out of his hands and when it landed the head popped off! After the second replacement, they told him they wouldn't replace it anymore. He demanded a refund. I don't remember what happened after that.

Bob's next test date: 12/10/07