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Substitute for discontinued multitool blade

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 Esteemed colleagues--

Has anybody found a close cousin to the Bosch OSC118F oscillating tool blade, (now discontinued)? That's the one Justin Fink rated the best in his Torture Test article in 2012. It was particularly useful for freeing stuck windows because the metal was so thin (.022" by my caliper). Bosch tech support tells me their OSL114F will work, but that pig is .125" thick.  Might as well use a chainsaw.

Anybody out there know of something better?

fergus (post #214488, reply #1 of 4)

The only thing I've ever mic'd was a spark plug gap.

however, Feins scraper blades (there's two) are thin and thinner.  Might need an adapter to fit up to your multi tool.

another to check would be Imperial.


edit:  I see now you are looking for a cutting blade.  I've found that the stiff scraper blade can be used to cut through paint and caulk quite well.  Seems to work best to plunge straight in and then pull down the seam sideways.

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I have this link from a (post #214488, reply #4 of 4)

I have this link from a previous search of blades.  I have not tried them.  They are relatively thin. (.030")


Edit to correct link

Bad link. (post #214488, reply #2 of 4)

Bad link.

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