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Supco Nail Gun, cannot tell model number

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Hi Folks, new to this forum but could sure use some help.  I am hoping someone out there can tell me the model number of this Supco Nailer.  I got this from a neighbor who picked it up at garage sale and never used it.


Would love to know the model number so I can order a few parts for it as well as the correct nail size to use.  I took it to an ACE HW store and they had never heard of a SUPCO product in their lives.  I have attached a picture of it.  Looks Old, used and abused etc.  I can't find any numbers, no stickers etc on the gun itself Except for one.  At the base of the handle are numbers 690265, I cross referenced this using Google and came up empty.  


Anyone with a possible idea on Model/year etc would be greatly appreciated.  


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contact info for supco

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Hi there,      I believe (post #214548, reply #2 of 3)

Hi there,

     I believe that is a SFN-88 which shares parts with, and appears to be almost identical to, Hitachi's NR83 A.  If so, it is a 21 degree full round head nailer (plastic collated).  I had never heard of Supco either, but did some quick looking around online.  It appears that Supco is a generic brand that made versions of some of the most popular models from other companies.  They have finish nailers that appear to overlap with Senco and Paslode.  I would guess a lot of the castings and accessories from one brand to another are identical.  Good luck  

Thank you, I will look up (post #214548, reply #3 of 3)

Thank you, I will look up that model and do some homework.  I'll also try to contact Supco as well and perhaps they can confirm.  I know this nailer is an old model but hoping I can still track down some parts. 


Thanks again !!