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tool recommendation

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Comparing the Bosch 12" sliding dual bevel GCM12"SD to the Dewalt DWS 780.  Would like a Festool but to much money.  Any thoughts on the Bosch or Dewalt?  Thanks

I have the DeWalt. It sits on (post #214119, reply #1 of 3)

I have the DeWalt. It sits on a fold-away rolling stand with side supports. I am very satisfied with it. The lazer is an added bonus. However, I find myself gradually upgrading to Bosch. I have a Bosch table saw on a gravity-activated Bosch rolling stand, and I must say, both saw and stand are second to none! If you are a remodeler/builder either tool is an a good choice. If you are primarily a cabinet builder or a detail craftsman, the Festool is for you.

Mel Fros

Those very good quality (post #214119, reply #2 of 3)


I think I really would like (post #214119, reply #3 of 3)

I think I really would like the Accordian style saws that don't have the slides because you could put them up against the wall and not standing out from it...I don't own one though but I sure think I would like one.  I have a Bosch slider that I love....other than you have to be out in the middle of the floor to use it.