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Trim Tramp

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Has anyone ever heard of a Trim Tramp?? I was on a job site the other

day and noticed the guys using a circular saw in a guide , I asked

what type of a rig it was and they said it was a Trim Tramp saw table

it is made in Canada has any one ever heard of this before or owns one ?

Thanks, The ToolDoc

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Looks kinda cheesy to me. JMHO

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Looks like like my B&D Sawbuck crossed with a panel saw? Seems awful expensive for what it is, $700 for the biggest model, and you supply the saw.

Just looking at their site, I think I would cobble up something to do the same thing for a whole lot less money. Joe H

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I have a Van Mark Trim A Table that is similar to their high end tool. I think I'll keep mine.