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what is the best hinge jig

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Hey all,, plz suggest a good hinge jig. Any article on this? thanks in advance.

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Fred_Rippy wrote:

Hey all,, plz suggest a good hinge jig. Any article on this? thanks in advance.

The all time best was what we called the Rockwell Door Jig.  Made a long time ago, but possibly available second or third hand now.  Adjustable rods to hold the templates together at certain distances.  Great for production hanging.  Porter Cable was their later company name.  Here it is among others.

Porter Cable had an individual plastic template.  Spacer bars to adjust for hinge size.  Tacked on edge of door or jamb.  Came with a bit with bushing.


checkout rockler or lee valley.


you can make your own out of plywood and 1x2.  Good enough when you want to copy to door from existing hinges in jamb.

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I've got a B&D set now that is fairly easy to use and performs well. But, if I were doing production finish work I'd use fixed templates. You need different ones for different hinge and door sizes, but they're really easy to use and perfectly accurate. They are made from plywood with a laminate veneer. Every door done with these comes out exactly the same. I used to prehang door for the local lumber yard and these were what I used. 

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I've always prefered making plywood jigs over the factory ones myself. Even the fancy store bought ones take some tme to adjust

and also have a learning curve. Come to think of it the plywood ones have alearning curve too, just different. 


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Unless you use them all the time you need to refresh your memory every time you do (with any jigs). If i were doing a lot of work I'd use my adjustables  to make plywood jigs. I don't understand using a big router to do hinges. If I'm trying to fit a new door to an existing jamb, I'll always do it by hand; rout the center of the cutout by eye and finish with a chisel.

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Are you saying the jig is up?

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I have also found an article, you can see it