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Will a beam level meet my needs?

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After spending a couple of hours trying, and failing, to run accurate level lines under my gable roof porch ceiling rafters using a line level, I am  ready to buy a laser level (with my wife’s complete support!).  I’m not a pro, just a DIYer with a lot of laser friendly projects - hanging cabinets, installing v-groove on the porch walls, laying ceramic floor tile, checking a concrete floor for level and whatever else may come up.  I also have shingling to do but an outdoor level is not in my price range.   Two levels I’ve been looking at are the Bosch GLL50 and GCL2-160S cross line levels.  The latter has a bit more working range and plumb points.  At $179 it’s also $50 more expensive which is pretty much the top of my price range.   Both are also available at the local big box store so I could pick one up tomorrow and get these lines run.

I’d appreciate any feedback on these levels as well as any suggestions on others, in the same price range I should consider.  

I know there are levels that are specific for floor tile layout but would a line level also work for that?



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I woul buy  the more exspesive is important to the lasers tolerance rather than its range fractions of an inch per yard or in MM per Meter a cross line laser you describe probably wont do floor tling.

Regards from Australia John

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