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Would you purchase nails online?

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Need to get nails for new nailguns(senco finish and brad) Any recomendations for best prices. Also are there any other brands that work well with senco. Or do you just go local?

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Local.. Least amount of effort.


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And remember, when local becomes unavailable (pushed out by online and bigbox stores) and you need nails now, you could be screwed.  Support your local business's.  They'll probably have knockoffs, but I usually by the OM.

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shipping would kill you due to weight

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I had stainless nails shipped from Swan.  But shipping only makes sense for things like that, that you can't get locally.


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I had to order some specialty stables that were unobtainable locally.  The cost of the staples on-line was $16, the shipping was $18. 

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re - I had stainless nails shipped from Swan.


Swan is good.

Free shipping last time I bought collated ring shank stainless nails.

And they stock the stuff, unlike some other suppliers.

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  (the old tool shed of the North)  they sell nails cheap enough that I can ship them to me and still save money.. occasonally they have free shipping deals and then I go nuts..

      If you have an acount with a local supplier you might get a good enough deal to shop locally but to me, if they charge me more than someone else they are saying they really don't want my business,  Tool crib does..

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I thought that I heard somewhere nails can't go by air shipping? Any info?..I buy local always..never gave it any thought.  

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At one time paslode packed a couple of fuel cells with their nails for the cordless guns so those couldnt be shipped by air. I dont see why regular nails couldnt be air shipped although it might be expensive.

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Sounds right. Maybe thats what I read. Happy New Year.  

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  I would definitely only order specialty nails online--there has to be a local supplier that can order nails for your Senco if they don't stock them.  The Hitachi 16g nails work in the senco, and I think the Porter-Cable brads work in the smaller guns.  Senco makes so many types that you are better off asking your supplier if he has a compatibility chart, and then go from there.  Unless someone like Amazon will ship for free, the shipping will be as much or more than the nails (especially framers).

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Nails you can ship.  But not box cutters.  No one has tried, in my town, to rob a liquor store, or hijack a charter flight, with a Paslode cordless framer.

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Please don't give any ideas... The next thing you know there'll be a ton of FFL paper work and not to mention the waiting / cooling off period.


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       Anyones that crazy enough to buy nails via mail probably buys concrete block that way too.........heyyyyy...I have a bridge to sell....even an aircraft carrier : )

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