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your eyeglasses -do the screws fall out?

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one of the wonders of the world - eyeglasses, few moving parts yet they cost a lot compared to a vcr s with 100s of parts.

we have trouble with the screws that hold the frame around the lens coming out. glass lens then falls out. we take it back to the store and they just tighten it up, which i do now with teeny screwdriver.

Any solutions to this?

one day we will lose the lens - seems to happen without regard to cost of the lenses/frames. some of the $200 we bought have the problem, some do not.

seems an unsolved industry problem to me.

maybe some red locktite????

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Superglue the threads, then tighten immediately.

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Get that screw holding stuff available at any autoparts store (senior moment on the name.)


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(senior moment on the name.)

ROFLMASO.......I have to remember that phrase.....Bwahahahaha

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I was going to put some of the Locktite on them. They come in different grades of removability.

But the optician told me that they just stake them. The screws are soft enough that then can still be removed without damaging them.

They did that and it solved the problem. Since then I had had the lenses replaced without any problems.

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Is there some reason you particularly like the frame that requires a screw to hold the lens in? My glasses for the last 20 years have a solid plastic ring that you heat up enough to get it flexible and pop the lens in or out. These frames still have a screw for the pivot on the temple hinges, but they aren't prone to coming out. I don't remember the last time I had a screw fall out.

The other thing I like about these frames is the spring loaded hinges that let the temple bend out 8 or 10 degrees as well as bending in.

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There are screws made with locking compound already on them. The reason most opticians don't use them is cost, as they are often over a buck a pop. The factory does not use these. Peening the bottom of the screw does help a lot.  Don't use nail polish. If the threads are mucked up, a good optician can re tap and thread them again and match up a good quality screw. 


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What's with the we stuff? Sharing glasses could be the problem<G>

My screws used to come loose all the time (and I'm the first to admit that some have stayed that way), finally got tired of going to the optician and started buying repair kits for a buck. They're in every room in the house, every vehicle, tackle and tool box. Just got used to the maintenance...but 3 years ago I got a pair of Accuflex titanium frames, the kind you can tie in a knot, you just reminded me that I have never had to tighten a screw in them!


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Duct tape holds them together for me.

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I have thought that some of my lenses were ground to the wrong shape, so they are just a tad loose.  Sometimes you can even see a slight gap between the lens and the frame.  Then if the screw gets even a little loose, the lens pops out easily.


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I'm sorry, I thought you wanted it done the right way.

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If so, the lens was poorly cut. There is an eyewire gasket material that can be put in to take up space, but does not work all that well. Better to get a new lens or new pair. 


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You got it - locktite


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A little Elmers Glue on the screws, the one kids in schools use. It will hold them but if you force them later if you need to open them, it will do so without damaging them.

That is what I use and it works for me.

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Locktite works, use the blue as the red and green are too tough, but my favorite is clear nail polish after the screw is in all the way. No funny color and it is easy enough to scrape down to the screw if you want to tighten it due to wear. I keep a bottle of clear in my tool box.

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i've got a pair of these:

made from titanium wire no screws.

really light but really expensive though.

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The ones named Lukka are exactly the same shape as my reading glasses.

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A dab of almost any kind of glue will ad the friction it needs to hold without completely stopping removal when needed.

My FIL pointed out one of his supreme frustrations in life connected to this problem.

The optician's front desk girl told him he didn't need to keep coming in to have here do it. But he had to explain to her that for a far sighted person, it is impossible to see what he is aiming at with the little screwdriver once he takes the glasses off his face.



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Permatex Blue.

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i finally just soldered mine together!!

never had a problem since

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caulking is not a piece of trim

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---"i finally just soldered mine together!!"---

Can't get my welder's settings that low, only goes down enough to weld nails to washers.;-)