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Project managment

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Does anyone have recommendations for project management software to run in wondows and an aapple phone?

  I've done some Googling,


I've done some Googling, so I know the names of some of the players, Here are some PM software as activeCollab, TaskJuggler, dotProject, basecamp and alfresco. 

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Using a software will always

Using a software will always streamline your work. It is nicer to having your systems in palce so that you do not waste too much time with a pen and a paper and organizing and managing your work. It is important to go through the reviews of the softwares before shortlisting. Also it is required that you take a demo of each and see what suits your needs and organization the most. Be sure of the trining and service of the software providers.

I don't know how you managed

I don't know how you managed to cram so many meaningless buzzwords into such a short post.

(By the way, is this for your English class, or what?)

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