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Cover brick foundation with plastic?

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The basement foundation of the 100 year old is brick. We are about to rejuvinate the basement space. Add drain tile, and make the space usable for recreation. Before we frame and rock the space, is the conventional wisdom to cover the brick with plastic and tuck it into the drain tile flange? Or is better to not cover with plastic allowing the brick to breathe?



if you were to cover "brick"

if you were to cover "brick" i would use Tyvek to allow water moisture to pass.. or use "spray foam" so there is not any need for a vapor barrier.. brick foundations will pass moisture ...

No plastic. But that's just

No plastic. But that's just a small part of the story. You want to do this project more than once? You've got homework: see

This makes sense. Thanks for

This makes sense. Thanks for the direction. Some factors are different from what I have read so far. Draintile on inside, old brick, etc.


I thought maybe you were talking the interior-.

Most brick walls don't like to stay saturated and if you seal the interior you could be opening up a whole new set of problems.

I'd be less concerned to know the exterior at least had drain at footing, stone backfill and good water management at the surface.

I suppose it's possible that the visqueen with a drain at the bottom will collect and move water toward it, while still allowing the brick to "dry".


I would definitly study up on options and consequences.  What lasted a hundred years sometimes can be compromised with upgrades.


And of course, what was the reason for the interior tile?

Best of luck.

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I should have been more

I should have been more specific to be more helpful. Yours is brick, not rubble, but have a look at "Rubble Foundations" Insight-041 09/2010