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Window problem, need suggestions please.

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I'm planning on replacing all the windows in my home. Due to code changes I have to either have impact resistant glass or some kind of hurricane shutter. I decided to put out and get the impact resistant windows. The problem is I have a large picture window that exceeds the max width size of impact resistant windows. I guess my choices are to mull 2 windows together or get non impact resistant glass for that one window then add the secondary protection. Reluctant to do this because the sound transmission factor on the impact resistant glass is higher than the non impact. Not sure if the mulled unit will look goofy or not.

Any suggestions appreciated,



Nothing's easy there, is it.

Is this the same side for your proposed pergola/porch? 

and do you have a straight on picture-to get a sense of the proportion?


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Hey Calvin, It is indeed.

Hey Calvin,

It is indeed. I'm putting that off until next year. Phase 2.  I had a contractor come out to give me a price just for the roof extension (about 40") to cover the porch. Came in at $26k. No idea how he came up with that. If I go the pergola route.. that would set me back $2k. I'm going to get other bids. I'll have to get the pic tomorrow. The window is 80 x 78. The windows on either side are 39 x 78. Half the width of the picture window.


Here's a couple of head on.

Here's a couple of head on. Another issue is the height of the windows are 78" The impact windows are 75" max. I was just going to install a new sill but as you can see, with the brick ledge it will take a bit of working out regard appearance.



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Rather than one large picture

Rather than one large picture window you can use a  smaller single hung on each side of a picture window. it looks a lot more balanced than the mull in the middle.

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