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Forum Rules


Taunton's DiscussionsBreaktime, Knots, Cooks Talk, Gatherings, and Over the Fence — are thriving centers for learning, teaching, and simply meeting others who share common interests. In the spirit of continually developing and nurturing our Discussions, we're providing a short list of rules that will help ensure that our Discussions remain encouraging, enlightening, and entertaining. Respect, courtesy, and common sense are the guiding principles behind the House Rules, so keep those things in mind, and you're sure to fit right in.

1. Clean posts
While we enjoy the informal nature of the Discussions, we draw the line at language or material that is insulting, abusive, obscene, harassing, bigoted, or sexually explicit. We reserve the right to delete posts and suspend or terminate membership at our sole discretion.

2. Private information
Taunton's Discussions are accessible to the general public. We discourage posting your private information, such as addresses and telephone numbers.

3. Advertisements
Solicitations or advertisements are not permitted outside designated folders, unless authorized by Taunton. For advertising opportunities, email the advertising department of your interest area:

Fine Homebuilding
Fine Woodworking
Fine Cooking
Fine Gardening

4. Duplicate posts
Posting the same message more than once, or "spamming," clutters the Discussions and is not permitted.

5. Editing
We reserve the right, but are under no obligation, to review, edit, move, or delete any posted material at our sole discretion.

6. Republishing posts
Because information in posts often has value beyond the Discussions, occasionally we republish your posts to wider audiences, including but not limited to publication in other Taunton publications. When republishing posts, we will identify you by your discussion Screen Name.

7. Copyrights
You are responsible for ensuring that any material you post does not violate the copyright or any other personal or proprietary rights of any third party or is posted with the permission of the owner(s) of such rights.

8. Liability
You use the Discussions and the information and material on the Discussions at your own risk. Taunton assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or contents of any material posted.

9. Terms of Use
These House Rules are a summary of policies stated in our Terms of Use. By posting to any of Taunton's Discussions, you also agree to abide by the complete policies and conditions set forth in the Terms of Use.

10. Report violations
Please report violations of the House Rules or Terms of Use by writing to We take such violations seriously and reserve the right to suspend or terminate memberships, at our sole discretion, at any time.

Thank you for taking a moment to read these House Rules. Enjoy the Discussions!