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spray foam can nozzle problems

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i have been using spray foam cans on my basement to insulate the gap between the wooden base of the house and the cement blocks.  i have broken the nozzles  on several cans now while tightening the spray hose to the  nozzles.  whatcan i do to get the foam out of the can.  the foam has never come out through the nozzle. ?

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When using several cans at a time-reuse the stems, pitch the straw if too gunked up.

Then you have a stash of spare parts.


I have a couple in the van.


edit:   Kids straws sometimes fit-look in the drawer.

Buy the professional re-usable guns w/larger cans.  With that kind of volume, it would have worked out.

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my problem is that the nozzle tip of the can broke and that you cannot attach the spray hose.  the cans are full and i cannot get the foam out since the nozzle broke.  should i just drill a hole on the side of the can and attach a straw?

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Read the side of the can re. poking a hole in it.  Lemme know what it says regarding that and throwing it in a fire.

How you broke it is beyond me-they screw on (at least all the great stuff can's I've used).  You screw it down till it's tight, but don't bust it off.

Send the cans back to the manufacturer and see if they'll replace.  Lemme know how that goes.

Best of luck.

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Some of the early cans came with pipe cleaners.  You were instructed to wet the pipe cleaner and shove it into the straw, then take a half a pipe-cleaner, wet it, and shove it into the can opening.

Later, when the foam had hardened, the pipe cleaners would pull the foam out clean.

Duno if this would work at all with the current stuff.

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I've used a number of techniques to clear out the screw-on nozzles and tubes; one way is to use your air compressor with a small pointy nozzle to blow out the remaining foam. Only works when the foam is still wet, of course.



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I have had this same problem when doing projects over the last few months. Spray tubes blowing off, nozzles breaking with minimum torque, nozzle tip threads defective and therefore unusable. I have only noticed this on the "original manufacturer" spray cans. I see many new (and cheaper) foam brands coming out, and all of these cans worked fine. I wonder if the original is cutting corners to stay price-competetive?

good luck with your sealing project,


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