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3 season sun room condensation and flooring remedies

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I have 2  3Season -3 glass-sided sunrooms; one on the 2nd story deck and the other on the ground floor

They were both placed on treated plywood on preserved wood stringers, supported by steel framework. . 

After 10 years both plywood floors and stringers had rotted out from condensation in the winter.

We replaced the stringers and treated plywood; then coated the floors with fibreglass cloth and resin.

 I drilled 2 inch holes every two feet at the edge of the platforms, which has allowed the winter condensation  to run out

 This has worked very well for over 10 years. I would like to cover the floors with a tile, (ceramic, vinyl, slate, etc) for decorative

 reasons.  I want to know how I would attach the tile to the fibreglass flooring, bearing in mind that there might be

 1. slight flex in the floor, and 

2  temperature ranges from -40 to + 100 inside the sunrooms. We are away summer and winter for months at a time, with 

all power disconnected, so ventilation fans would not be working.

Maybe the smartest solution would be to repaint the fibreglass flooring and forget about new flooring covering.   Any ideas??

If you're getting that much (post #211428, reply #1 of 3)

If you're getting that much condensation it's because air is migrating in from the house.  You need to fix that problem.

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How is the steel? (post #211428, reply #2 of 3)

If you are getting that much water over 10+10 years, I would also worry about the steel framework. There are many new materials available that could replace the wood and withstand the weather. I am also curious to know why it is enclosed if the temperature swings so much anyway. A screen room would let the moisture out.

If you do it fast enough, there is time to go back and fix it later!