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adapting built-ins

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Another project: adding built-ins to load-bearing wall.

Rather than remove a homes N-S centre load-bearing wall (in order to increase the airflow from a woodstove from SE corner of house to NW corner & increase light-transmission/solar gain from the S & W walls to NE areas) I have planned to retrofit.

I'll be working with a 9 1/2' wall length, up to 7 1/2' high, retaining original wall-framing. I will remove the 3/4" plaster + 3/4" gyroc-lath (!) covering each side of the 2x4 wall. -Must retain the top 16" of the E side wall in order to save the beautiful plaster cove molding.

The built-ins on E side (living room) will be book/display shelves, 12" deep. The built-ins on the W side will be an office set-up (desk, cupboards, file drawers, book shelves), 12" deep. I will add the framing all to the W, so as not to reduce living room area any.

Now, any ideas/experiences with ways I can incorporate air-flow venting & some light-transmission into that all, without having glaring open spaces within the built-in?

Hope everyone's having lotsa fun with their projects!!

Thanks, Barb

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Reeded glass on both sides of cabinetry makes for nice light transmission.

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Thanks Gravitas, just saw photo of it used such-like in one of my architectural mag's.


Thank you!