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Adding a corner walk-in closet to bedroom with cathedral ceiling

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We have a nice 3600 Sq foot home, and my husband and I currently occupy the master bedroom suite. However, we live in a blended household with 10 members of our family living here and virtually every space in the house is spoken for (including the recently finished basement) Our daughter drew the short straw and ended up in the smallest bedroom of the house, just next to our room. Our beautiful walk-in closet spans the length of her bedroom and boasts it's own window. 

What we would like to do, is knock down our closet wall which would add 6 feet of space and a second window to her tiny dark bedroom.

While this is an easy solution to her space and light problem, we then have the problem of trying to add another closet to our bedroom that has cathedral ceilings (full V spanning the length of the room), while retaining a spacious feel to our room and not cutting out too much square footage. Ugh!

I thought a corner walk in (with entry on one or either side) would be lovely and allow us to place the bed caddy-cornered in line with the TV, but I have no idea how to make that work with the ceilings and it seems like that idea would take up the most square footage.

Any ideas? Help!

Have you considered reach in (post #212415, reply #1 of 1)

Have you considered reach in closets instead? Saves on floor space.