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Antique Stained Glass Windows

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I have two stained glass windows from a 1914 Sears kit house.  The house is the Avondale, available after 1912.  It contained four identical windows.  The wimdows can be seen in the Sears archive website and I can verify their authenticity.  I want to have them appraised or get some idea of how much they are worth.  Also where may be the best place to sell them, perhaps an auction site or a classified ad in some renovation journal.  Any advice would be appreciated

Unless they have a very fancy (post #207052, reply #1 of 1)

Unless they have a very fancy design they probably arent worth much. They are actually very common and reaidly available at the flea market and antique stores. Our local Craigslist has old Craftsman style stained glass windows fairly often, usually for under $100.00. I see the same ads for the same windows for weeks on end so my guess is that the market is pretty soft. I understand that that you won't want to belive me so go to ebay and search under "Craftsman stained glass" for windows similar to yours.

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