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Moving basement stairs in my house. DO I need a footing if the stairs are running the same way as the floor. The stairs will be 36 inches wide and 11 steps at 7x12 size

Repeat the above. It is (post #214043, reply #1 of 2)

Repeat the above. It is difficult to understand what you are asking. A footing is a structural component (in this case it usually is concrete). I don't see what a footing has to do with an interior stair case. When you refer to "running the same way as the floor" what exactly are you referring to...the floor joists?

You talk about moving BASEMENT stairs. To me this suggests that the weight of your proposed stair case will bear upon the basement (concrete?) floor. No further "footing" appears to be required. At the top of the proposed stair case you may need to beef up the floor joists. It would help if you post a photo.


Mel Fros

There may be some situations (post #214043, reply #2 of 2)

There may be some situations where, depending on building codes and the thickness of the existing floor, some sort of footing is required.  However, it would have nothing to do with whether the stars run parallel to the floor joists above or perpendictular to them.

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