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Biflod door partition

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I am interested in installing 4/2'2" bifold french doors in a new opening.  At first approach, no problem, however, i would like to have the two middle units operate as twin hinged units, while having the ability to open all the doors with the bifold function if required.

I assume it would be a standard bifold track with some additional hardware to keep the jamb doors in place.

Has anyone ever installed a bi-fold/hinged door before?  I have researched and called many suppliers and they all advise me that it has never been done.  I can not imagine that with a bit of inginuity, it could be achieved.

What do you think??

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I'm unsure what you mean. 

4 panels in a bifold track, 2 panels on one side, 2 on the other.

They are hinged in pairs.  The left side pair "fold" out into the room and against the left jamb.

the right pair do the same-to the right jamb.


Assigning the numbers 1234 to each panel:


If you want to double hinge each pair-so you can open 2 and 3 separately-hinged and opening in to the room, while still being able to open 1 and 2 into the room and hinged to the left jamb and the same with 3 and 4.................

No bifold hardware.

Hinge 1 to the left jamb, hinge 2 to the right side of 1-repeat the pattern for the other side.

Install keeper bolts/throw bolts/foot and head bolts to the right side of 1 and the left side of 4.

Use ball catches at the top of 2 and 3 or add passage / dummy locksets to them.


Or am I dumb as a stump and you want to do something different?

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So you are saying to (post #207339, reply #2 of 6)

So you are saying to eliminate the bifold track and simply attached butts to door 1 and 2 and hinge 1 to jamb and same for 3 and 4.

Yes sounds simple, I assumed that i needed a track.  maybe thinking too much!

Doors are 15 lite 1 3/8" pine french doors, 3 butts per door ought to do the trick?

This won't be easy (post #207339, reply #3 of 6)

If the opening is there and jambed/trimmed-you'll have some fitting and putzing/adjusting to do.

And when opening/shutting, they're going to flop around.

But, if you intend on primarily opening 2 and 3, I guess this would work ok.


Glass in these doors are going to make 2 want to pull 1 down away from the head jamb.  Best be using good hinges and perhaps conside ball bearing.

And like entry doors, secure the upper two hinges through the jamb and into Framing.


What is this going to be used for?


There's some real costly door walls whose name escapes me at this time.  They do run in a track both top and bottom, but not sure of whether the first opposing doors will hinge in-I believe the fold like a continuous bifold....................octofold.............

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Thanks for the input.  It is (post #207339, reply #4 of 6)

Thanks for the input.  It is going to divide a hall from the living room, with a wall of glass doors plus have ability to open completely for large family/Thanksgiving table.

Keep in mind that your (post #207339, reply #5 of 6)

Keep in mind that your standard bedroom closet style 4-panel bifold door, up to 6-8 feet in width, is not "suspended" from the track, but rather depends on the end sections being solidly hinged, top and bottom, to support the weight of the folding center sections.  The track only serves to keep the "loose" folding sections in line.

One could, in theory, cut a notch in the track at the center to allow the center sections to "be wild" and not stay in the track.  However, in the standard configuration they would fold in, not out.  And when they folded in there would be nothing to hold the outer sections in line, and they would tend to "come with" the inner sections.

Spend a few minutes studying a bifold door and you'll see what I mean.

There are, of course, various "folding partition" and "sliding wall" schemes that can do more or less what you want.  They do not use standard bifold hardware, however, but usually some specialized tracks.

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Take a look at this:

they're in Indiana and will sell online-or get the parts from your supplier/lumberyard.  It takes what you want to do and adds another element.  However, usually for 30lb max panel weight.

Take a look at this option-increase wt. of each panel to 50 lbs.  Different hinges offered by Johnson.



or, if you had the room, there's a surface mounted "pocket door" track.  The doors could be joined or kept as single panels and slide by the opening.

Johnson again:

Semi decorative valance to hide the track, or you can build out the wall to one side of the dividing wall to give you the pocket door feel.


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