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Building a butcher shop

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As I have read through several articles here most everything is about homes. I would like some advice on building a butcher shop. It measures 20ft wide x 24ft long  with 10ft side walls. I plan to hang animal carcass's from the ceiling rafters on a sliding rail. I want to use a shed type roof expanded over the 20ft width with no center support. I live in an area that gets lots of snow. So my question is- can I do this? Do I need to do something special to the rafter to span 20+ feet? I will be doing all the work myself. I have available to me fresh cut timbers of mostly hardwoods, can I use these timbers in construction like they did in my 1890 built house?
Just wondering.

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A lot depends on what the local code enforcement policy is.  If there are building codes enforced where you live, you'll have a problem using your timbers since they aren't grade-stamped.  Without the grade stamp, there's no way to tell what the allowable load on the members is, and therefore no way to properly size the roof structure members.

20' isn't a "huge" span, but you'll need some fairly beefy members (no pun intended).......


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we did one last year. concrete slab with epoxy paint, floor drains and stainless everything, wall, ceiling, counters , doors everything stainless steel.