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Building a custom bedroom cabinet

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Building a custom bedroom cabinet (post #211112)

My bedroom is always messy and no matter how mmany times I keep my shelves in order after two days it becomes all jumbled up again. And with the number of my dresses keeping on increasing I think it is time for me too build a custom bedroom closet. I have been searching about different types of closets and found that there is mainly these walk-in and reach-in closets. So before I contact the custom closet designers here in Toronto,  I would like to know which among the two is a better choice. Do help me with your answers.

You can have a look at (post #211112, reply #1 of 3)

You can have a look at these,



The pictures by TSPierce are (post #211112, reply #2 of 3)

The pictures by TSPierce are very nice. Well, according to me if you have lots of clothes and other things the walk in closet will be my choice but if you have very little to keep then go with reach in closet.

Walk-in versus reach-in, a (post #211112, reply #3 of 3)

Walk-in versus reach-in, a walk-in is usually preferable. A single door versus a wall of doors.

But you need the floorspace to make efficient use of the space.

A hanger on a closet rod generally requires about 24" of depth against a wall. You need to figure out how much width you desire for the aisle that allows you access to the back of the walk-in, and if you want a center aisle with 24" deep racks of clothes on each side of the aisle. If you don;t have the width for hanging rods on each side of the aisle, you could put shallw accessory shelving on one side and hanging rods on the other.

Door swing. An in-swinging door in a walk-in can eat up 2-3' of rod space, but with one door to get into the closet you preserve bedroom wall space.

With a reach-in, you need door access to the entire length of the closet, so you lose bedroom wall.

You didn't offer a floorplan drawing regarding the space you're trying to build within.

You can get plenty of visual inspiration by going on a website like Houzz and searching for images of walk-in closets. You can search for "single aisle walk-in" or "Narrow walk-in closet" or "reach in closet" to focus the search.


Once you refine your likes and dislikes, it'll help the process when you contact a closet designer.

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