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Building first house

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Hello.  This looks like a good place to ask questions on home building.

This is my husband's question:

We want to set up our IT, (phone, TV, computer, sound systems, alarms,

etc. in one area. Any suggestions for panels to organize this?

Thanks so much.

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If you haven't already posted this at Breaktime, you might want to try it (I seem to remember that maybe I saw this at Breaktime too, so you're all set). To get to Breaktime you just go to the top of this page and click on it--it's in the green box.

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Look at the Structured Wiring centers.  They're made by several different companies, Leviton, On-Q, are two brands.  They have modules you can install for networking, phone, video distribution etc.  I'm using the Leviton series, but most of them have interchangeable modules.  Check home automation catalogues.